Tuesday, 30 October 2012

View on steriods

Release Date: October 30th 2012
By: Rob Mori
Over the years people have given a bad view on Testosterone  Everyone has a different Opinion on this Subject so I will go and explain in the Article the following;my view and why I do not have a problem with it. I will also describe how it came to service for athletes.
Steroids became in the light during the late 1950's, when the Russian Coach was drunk and exposed there secret on why they were Dominating the Olympics. Since then HGH(Steroids) has been in sports, at one time it was used to make the playing field even, know its used to get ahead of everyone else. When you think about Steroids, you think you will get easy results and you do not have to work so hard; it is far from the truth.
You have to look at it like a protein, it helps with recovery and muscle building. When taking steroids  you will have to work harder and longer to get the same feeling; because it speeds up the rate of recovery and building.  I would say they have it harder in the gym, Some athletes make a living off using steroids.
If we take a look at Body builders, they have to use it to compete with everyone else. Anyone out side of sports is using it for a personal use to compensate for something.. If we were to think of sports using steroids  baseball comes to mine. Why would these guys take steroids  when they are already there and making money? This is a good question, some athletes start to use it near the end of there career to keep going a little bit longer. Are these athletes  bad examples for our kids?
To me personally, you should not judge the people who use steroids. If your a teen and/or young adults you should not use it for any reason. Why the hell are you using steroids when you are 15, you still have a long way to go till your done maturing and growing. If you are not making a living from using the steroids why take it. When people ask me about steroids I usually recommend wait till you accomplish records and titles before using the substance. This is because you have a solid base to start from.  If you are to use it when you are not done maturing you will end up lose all the gains you worked for. I will always be the most open about it, because I know when I compete in power lifting and hopefully body building; that there is always people using.

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