Sunday, 28 October 2012

Training through Injury

Training through Injury
Released: October 28th 2012
While Training through injury most people end up becoming lazy when they are not able to fully lift. Like most lifting athletes I had my share of injury  and I have to say till I learned how to train around it I ended up being lazy.  Before you start training through injury, you have to know what the problem is; and you have to know how to go about it.
After you go get checked out, then you can start the recovery and training around the injury. Your whole body should not suffer because one area is injured. Earlier this year(2012) I put 4 knots into each of my triceps from over working my body.. How I came back from the injury, was restarting over the whole program.
  In September I tore my Meniscus in the left knee and was not able to walk let alone squat or dead lift. That didn't stop me from working out and trying to get back to squats and dead lifting.  I was driven to get back on top for squatting. During the Injury and rehab I was not able to use my legs during bench. Do you think that stopped me? NO!!
Everyone from the trainers to random people kept telling my to take it easy. How can I take it easy when I have to train hard to get a head of the competition I said to the trainers. After two weeks back under the bar I pulled 405 and squatted 275 no problem with no gear. If you are really dedicated you will find a way to train.

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