Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Why We Are Different


By: Robert Mori
Release Date: September 19th 2012 

You can an ask anyone why they lift; there can be many reasons why. Many just lift to look better, to feel better, and to out shine someone. The guys and girls you see in there every day working there butts off to improve, and to step ahead of everyone are the ones who are making sacrifices in their daily lives; there things  that you do not see like the hours they spend.
               You don’t see the thousands of hours that Elite lifters end up putting in, the money they spend on food, supplements, and gym memberships. For lifting sports as power lifting, strong man, and body building; there will always be weight that have to be moved, titles to win, and records to break. Many people think certain people must be juicing to be that strong, or that big. What they don’t see is the injuries that we overcome, and the overtraining. To be successful in any sport, you are going to be turning down late night invites, party request, and sometimes date invites; so you will not ruin your work out the next day.  No one will ever see the prepping and cooking their meals that we do.
               Each Athlete has to define his own diet to fit the life style they are living. Each meal is going to be different from the last. Bodybuilders will be looking for more protein in each meal then a football player; a power lifter will be looking for more carbs and fats during a bulk then a lacrosse player. On a normal day for a power lifter, it is not weird to see one eat two meals in a sitting during a bulk phase. Many don’t realize how hard it is to just maintain weight let alone bulk. When we head to the gym we are very concentrated.
                When power athletes go to the gym, they have one goal in mind; it is to destroy the weights. It is hard to concentrate when you have a personal trainer always around you telling you you’re doing it wrong. Anyone will know what I am talking about, what they are taught in school is not the same as another school will teach it. I have a problem where; if you cannot out lift me I won’t listen, or never done my sport.  We have a passion for the sport we chose, and we don’t have time for personal trainers to say that our form is different than what they are taught.

               They have to realize that maybe there teaching is WRONG. Most personal trainers working in Commercial gyms are actually sales reps. People go in for a weekend course and get “approved” as trainers; for example GOOD LIFE. Don’t get me wrong I have met some very well qualified trainers that know what they are talking about. I have also met some who are talking out there ass, with their sales pitch they worked on. They have to stop feeding there bullshit to everyone, especially when we are working out. As a power athletes we sometimes get stared down at the gym for “being different”.

                 When power athletes head into a gym, many people will stare. They do not realize why some only do single max reps; why we over load the pull down bar and have a kind of swing when pulling down. We recognize to get stronger you have to push yourself past the comfort barrier that people have built up. You need to feel the rush of lifting for a PR. To truly understand our enjoyment; you need to feel the struggle of failing a lift to be grateful for the successful ones. Everything comes down to one thing on meet and show day; and that is preparations we must make ahead of time.

No one really knows how hard it is to prep yourself to be able to lift 500lbs; anything can throw you off for your meet or show the following week. We try to keep our selves healthy all year around, being sick with the flu can disrupted your training the following week.  Prepping is probably the most important because; we need to know what our max is for each event and lift. We have to know how we are going to warm up during the meet, and how long it takes to get through the flight(s) till your turn. Anything during the meet can throw our prepping off, from going for a successful lift to bombing out of the meet.  No one will understand the Love we have for our sport, because of all these reasons.
We love our sport(s) because; we get to be stronger then the day before.  We just not only compete against our own personal records, but we get to compete with other peoples records. Which other sport, would you find that it is a single man or woman competing against themselves and others. We don’t lift to show off, or to get attention; I say none of the above. We do it because we love the rush of the weight trying crushing us and defeating us. We do it because we have the power to push ourselves when others give up. We spend the money to feed ourselves properly when others go buy drunk food, and the strict diets, and meal plans we put ourselves on; this is why we do it!!!

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