Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Training During Season

Training While in Season
By: Robert Mori
Release Date: September 26th 2012

Most people will tell you, you can't train max effort during season. If you are you must be on something more than just protein. You will aslo read that you need to break up the year into periods for different sports. What happens If by training strength you will become a better athele during season; and were to tell you that they were wrong.

Every trainer, every coach, every athele has told me that my body would give up mid season from constint max effort work. I have used a basic 5x5 scheme but nothing hits like working up to a 1RM I have proved them wrong with a basic system called conjugate method. I was able to train above 100% every week. This is possiable because I rotate all my max effort lifts, and no work out is the same.
For example

week1: ME Bench/ME Box Squat/Dead Lifts
week2: ME Floor Press/ME Pin Squats/Rack pull
Week3: ME Board Press/Reverse Band Squat/Deficit Pull
week4: Reverse Band Bench/ME Squat below Parallel/Reverse Band dead Lift

By rotating the Max effort lifts I was able to make Pr's each week. I also had 1 day for ME squat with a DE Dead Lift, and vise versa. While also in one week I aslo have a Dynimac effort day for Bench. While I have the main lift I also have assistance work.In my assistance work I cover every body part with on excersie.

Before planning your work out routine, you need to be aware of your games. I found doing max effort bench is best done the next day after the Game. When planning your Squat and dead lift work out, make sure you have at least 3-4 day from Game day to do squats.On a bench day you want to work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. For Squat and Dead Lift i do a quad, hamstring and lower back work out on top of the squat and dead lift. While following the routine I did from 5-20 reps; why? Comadating resitance on the weights I would use.You will have to remember not all sports training is the same; but you can always use the same system.

When I was asked to train a Vollyball player, I told him what I tell everyone build strenght and everything will come into place. For Vollyball for example he wouldn't have to do alot box squats, because box squats do not conver over to jumping power. But what does cross over is box jumps. For American football athletes almost everything crosses over to help, so you do not have a limit on training assistance work.

With assistance work you want to work on a weak point in ether your lifting or game: For example a Vollyball player. If (s)he wanted to work on there serve, they could grap a 5lb plate and work on the serve motion. By doing this you will work your serve power. For Wrestling you want to work on hip power; you will do excersize like power cleans, and ball throws. All you need is the perfect system and then you can max massive gains.

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