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Mori's 7 week 5x5 Program

By: Robert Mori
Released: March 6th 2013
Released at: MuscleandBrawn

In this Article of Mori's 7 week 5x5 program, I will break down the routine split and assistance work. For thsi routine we are going to start at 75% of your 1 rep max(1RM) for all 3 of the major lifts; which also inclueds shoulder press. This routine is split into 4 days during the week. you will be having to bench 2 times a week, one day is 5x5 then the other day is Rep work/Form work. Your Squat and dead lift will be split up.

Sunday: Bench 5x5
Monday: Squat 5x5
Wednesday: Shoulder Press 5x5 Bench 2nd day
Friday: Dead lift 5x5

I chose the following day's because it works with most sport athletes. Most Games athletes play are usually on the weekend. The split that I used above really helps because when game day rolled around my legs were all rested up. As I stated above we are going to start with only 75% of our 1RM.

                              Bench                     Squat               DeadLift
Week 1                 275lbs                     360lbs               375lbs                      *Note: Bench max: 365lbs
Week 2                 280lbs                     370lbs               385lbs                                  Squat max: 480lbs
Week 3                 285lbs                     380lbs               395lbs                                  Dead max: 500lbs
Week 4                 290lbs                     390lbs               405lbs
Week 5                 295lbs                     400lbs               415lbs
Week 6                 300lbs                     410lbs               425lbs
Week 7                           PR Attempt Week

As you seen above I added 5 lbs to the upper body and 10lbs to the lower body. I found this very effective when training all year around and there is nodeload beacause there is a week before you repeat the lift. Week 7 is were you will attempt a Personal Record. I usually recommend attempting +5lb PR just incase you are not at 100% but its really up to you.

I would like to say congrats on your new Personal Records across the board. When you chose to restart the program you want to add 10lbs to the upper body and 20lbs to the lower body for the week 1 weight you started with.

                Bench                      Squat              Dead Lift
Week 1   280lbs                       380lbs               395lbs      
There are certin lifts that are required to be done for assistance.

For Example:
Triceps                    Biceps
JM Pressing          Hammer Curls
Tate Pressing        Seated Curls
Push Downs

When we look at assistance work, I want to utilize my upper back when my Biceps are not tired. When working the Triceps and Biceps we want to use Isolation exercises. I never liked to do my Biceps and Upper back on the same day. When it came time to do pull ups my biceps were to tired, so i used the following split below to get the most out of my body.

Sunday: Triceps/Upper Back
Monday: Hamstring
Wednesday: Biceps/Lats

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