Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to Fix the Squating Woes

by: Robert Mori
Released: February 6th 2013
Released by: MuscleandBrawn

Since the early times of squatting there has been many articles on how to boost your squat. In the past two years I have serached through many articles to fix my squat and to keep me progressing but to no prevaile . In this article I will be writing how you can fix your squat form, and I will also write on how to keep progressing through the "Down" time. I will start with explaining on how you can check depth while working hard and not taking any reps off; then I will go into explaining the "Golden" Squat rule.

I am going to start on fixing the squat form. The first thing to do to fix your Squats are warm up and loosen the hips and glutes, these two areas can cost you three white lights at a meet. Here is a tip on how I was able to loosen up. I started doing swinging kicks for the hips then I would move to glute streching to loosen up the "Bum". By allowing your hips and glutes to loosen up, it will make reaching depth a lot easier later on down the strech. Now on to Squatting, what I did to check my squat depth was use a box. You want to set up a box for below parallel; so when you end up feeling the box on the hamstrings and/or glutes you will be at parallel. You do not want to sit or rest on the box, the box is just there for you to get a feel for depth.

When you feel the box on the hamstrings and glutes you can start to go back up. You tipically want to end up using the box for 3 to 5 months in training, so you will end up getting used to feeling where parallel should be. After 3 to 5 months of using the Box to squat you should then proceed to take the box away and begin squatting to the same feeling of depth. If you are second guessing your self on your depth you should video tape your squats, so then you will know if you make it past parallel.

I recommand using the camera the whole time squatting, because checking squat depth can be difficult at first. For a camera it can be as simple as an Ipod to the new IPRO they have on the market, it really does not matter unless you are releasing youtube videos. This simple tip has been under estimated by all the squat articles out there on the planet. I believe it is the key to sucesse for squat big weight. We all started by using something to check our depth, but you will never see it in any beginner articles/books on how to squat. People have asked me how can I build my squat up, I usually just tell them the Golden Rule of Squatting.

The Golden rule has being around for ever and is the answer to all your squatting problems, and the answer is MORE SQUATS. Can you believe it? all you got to do to fix the squat problem is More squats. There is no complex scheme or system that you can use or find that will build your squat woes up. There are assistance work that you can do to help maintain the progression, but not to rejump start your progression on the squat. In my next article which will be released later in the year, I will write up my Squat routine I used to restart my Squat progress.

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